best CISSP study guide pdf

CISSP study guide PDF eBook – for FREE

I know that people studying for the CISSP exam are by nature very busy people and I recognize that navigating websites trying to find all the advice you need is often a frustrating experience (even where the navigation is good). To give you a leg up I’ve carefully compiled a new 49 page CISSP study guide pdf which you can download for FREE!

best CISSP study guide pdf

CISSP study guide pdf – what’s in it

This study guide covers practical advice for people who are looking to study for and pass the CISSP exam with a view to becoming CISSP certified. This CISSP Study Guide offers guidance on what the CISSP is and reasons why you may decide to pursue it, strategies and tactics on effective study and advice on last minute preparation before taking the exam. Further to that, it also includes guidance on what happens after you pass the CISSP exam with a view to getting your CISSP certification application completed (and what to do if you don’t pass first time).

This guide isn’t just another technical guide – there are other people who have produced comprehensive guides (such as the Official Study Guide from Sybex and Shon Harris’ guide). This CISSP Study Guide covers advice about how to prepare yourself to give yourself the best chances of success in passing your CISSP exam first time. Here’s a sneak preview of the table of contents to give you a flavor of the content:

  1. What is CISSP?
  2. Planning for certification
  3. Study options
  4. Planning your CISSP study
  5. Note taking
  6. Flashcards
  7. How to revise
  8. How to know when you’re ready
  9. 24hrs to go…
  10. My top 5 CISSP exam tips
  11. Passed? – now get certified
  12. Thanks for reading (and where you can get more)
  13. Appendix A – Didn’t quite make it first time? Don’t give up!
  14. Appendix B – List of study resources
  15. Disclaimer

The CISSP Study Guide PDF is structured to read in the order that you progress through the CISSP certification process: from the initial decision to get certified and the requirements to get certified, through planning and structuring your studies, revision techniques, last minute exam preparation  and how to get certified after passing.

I know someone else who would benefit from this CISSP study guide, can I share it?

Yes! Absolutely! The guide is free and I actively encourage you to share the guide with anyone you feel could benefit. The only request that I have is that you include a reference and hyperlink to when you do so.

OK, I want it – how do I get it?

Simply scroll down and fill in your email address in the box below and press the blue ‘Submit’ button – I’ll email you the link where you can download your CISSP Study Guide PDF straight away. Hate being on mailing lists? No problem, every email (including the initial one you’re sent) has an unsubscribe link built in. If you decide to stick around I’ll be pleased to have you on board – subscribers get stuff before everyone else and it gives you a way to email me directly if you have any questions.

Good luck with your studies!


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    1. Which guide are you referring to? If you’re referring to the free study guide that I have put together you can get that by scrolling to the foot of the page and submitting your email address – you will be emailed the direct link.

    1. Hello Michelle, you can get it! Just scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your email address into the popup and you will be emailed the link directly.

    1. If you scroll to the foot of the page and put your email address into the popup box and submit you will be sent the direct download link

    1. I have only written a guide targeting the CISSP certification however much of the guidance applies to other certification exams as well.

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