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Flashcards are a must-have for successfully passing the exam and I firmly believe that they are one of the reasons that I passed my CISSP exam first time. The key benefits of using flashcards to support your study are:

  • forces recall – makes your brain work to recall the information that you’ve studied rather than just reading notes which is more passive
  • identifies knowledge gaps – when you read the front of a card but can’t remember the answer you are highlighting weaknesses in your knowledge which you should work on
  • keeps your knowledge fresh – flashcards are quick to run through so you can cover several topics relatively quickly – it’s a great way to keep going over material to keep it fresh in your mind

I structured my flashcards into chapters to align with the Official Study Guide and have typed and packaged them so that you can benefit from them too before your exam. Currently you can purchase access to them online via the Stuvia website or download the iOS appdownload the Android app.

CISSP Flashcards by – app

iPhone iPad iOS CISSP flashcards app

I am pleased to be able to offer you the CISSP Flashcards app which you can download straight to your fingertips. The app incorporates a clean, uncluttered, ad-free intuitive design which allows you to concentrate on the content.

The app is FREE to download and you can preview the first 5 flashcards of each chapter. If you want to get the full benefits and test and build your knowledge on the syllabus using all 550+ flashcards you can get full access through in-app-purchase.

The app does not require a network connection to operate so you can use it anywhere in the world without worrying about roaming fees or having to find WIFI. Build and test your knowledge of the CISSP syllabus through your own iOS device easily and without distraction.

Download from Appstore

Click here to download direct from the App Store.

Click here to download direct from Google Play.


Online access via Stuvia website

For those of you who prefer to access the flashcards online through your browser you can  access them through the Stuvia online service. You can also preview the flashcards before purchasing the full set. Please click on the link below to go direct to the online offering of these CISSP Flashcards.

Click here to get complete set of 550+ CISSP flashcards via Stuvia website  

CISSP Flashcards


CISSP Practice Questions iOS appCIS

Being able to work through practice questions before your exam is an essential part of your preparation. To help you with this I have created the CISSP Practice Questions iOS app. It contains 250 CISSP practice exam questions (the first 50 of which are free) and you can download it direct by clicking here:

Download from Appstore

Official Study Guide from Sybex

This is very much your go-to book for studying for the CISSP. It is, in my opinion the best CISSP study guide and it is endorsed by (ISC)2 which is a good starting point. I worked through it in order, starting at the beginning and reading ever page, making notes (as flashcards) as I went along. I recommend that you do the same. The main parts to take notice of are any bullet points, diagrams, the summary section and of course the sections labeled ‘exam essentials’ in each chapter. Although I do think it’s the best CISSP study guide that I’ve come across it’s not without it’s faults, in particular you’ll find that some of the chapters are repetitive so you do end up reading several topics more than once – the problem is, it isn’t clear where they are because they’re woven into the text so you just have to re-read them (treat it as some revision practise). Purchasing the book also gives you access to the following online resources:

  • flashcards (which I found to be quite poor)
  • downloadable PDF version of the Official Study Guide which is helpful to search electronically if you forget a term
  • practice tests

If you have the book you can access the online resources here.

If you’re seriously considering taking the CISSP exam I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of the Official Study Guide which you can get from Amazon here (affiliate link):



Study planner

If you’ve read my post on planning for your study you’ll know that I advocate splitting your preparation broadly into two categories: study and revision. For the study section I recommend following the chapter structure of the Official Study Guide and for revision I suggest that you continuously go over your flashcards/notes whilst using the online practice tests to evaluate your progress. To assist with this I’ve put together a FREE downloadable PDF which you can use to plan your studies which looks like this:

Screenshot of FREE CISSP study planner
Screenshot of FREE CISSP study planner

The idea is that having printed the planner out, you can write over the gray text putting in target dates/deadlines by which you want to have completed the various sections. This will help you stay motivated and show you your progress at a glance!

Click here to download your FREE CISSP study planner PDF

Click here to download your FREE CISSP study planner PDF – A4 format


Other useful resources

  • (ISC)2 website – it isn’t always easy to find what you want but they own the certification so if you want it from the horse’s mouth look here
  • CISSP exam outline – if you want a closer look at what the exam covers or (and possibly more importantly) want to see how your work experience maps against the domains be sure to get hold of this
  • Detailed Content Outline (effective April 2018) – if you’re looking ahead things are changing in 2018, be sure to cast your eye over this if you’re looking toward next year

Facebook groups

There are Facebook groups for almost anything and everything these days – however there are few good ones for people preparing for the CISSP exam. The benefits of joining such a group are:

  • you are likely already a Facebook user so don’t have to sign up for it
  • you know how Facebook works and don’t have to waste time learning to navigate a new site
  • there are people you can ask for advice (although bear in mind that some will be more qualified than others to answer your questions)

The two groups that I recommend you join are:

The former being one of the larger groups it’s a great place to pose queries and get a quick response. It’s also a friendly place devoid of SPAM or spiteful people (no one needs that). If you’re looking for some success stories and great explanatory videos you may also want to check out the admin’s site: While the second is targeted specifically at practice questions and encourages all members to both write and answer questions covering CISSP material.