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It’s not long now until the CISSP Flashcards iOS app is officially launched and I thought that while you wait you would like to try your hand at some Q&As based on some of the selected flashcards, if you want to be notified of the launch and take advantage of a special launch day price to unlock all 550+ flashcards in the iOS app be sure to leave your email address below!

[qdeck random=”true” align=”center”] [q] What is risk?


[a] The likelihood that a threat will cause harm to an asset – the combination of a threat and a vulnerability.


[q] What does DREAD stand for?


[a]  Damage potential, Reproducibility, Exploitability (how hard is the attack to perform), Affected users (as percentage of total users), Discoverability.


[q] What does MTD stand for?


[a] Maximum Tolerable Downtime.


[q]  What act legislated the ‘prudent man rule’ in terms of information security?


[a]  Federal Sentencing Guidelines.


[q]  Which role has the responsibility of providing users access to a system?


[a]  Administrators.


[q]  What is Kerchoff’s principle?


[a]  That a system ought to be secure even if it’s details/formula are known.


[q]  What is the formula to work out the number of keys required for n people using symmetric key cryptography?


[a]  K = n*(n-1)/2


[q]  What are the ranges of private IP addresses?




[q]  What are polymorphic viruses?


[a]  Modify themselves to in order to generate different signatures.


[q] What do the letters in ACID relate to in terms of databases/integrity?


[a]  Atomicity – transactions are ‘all or nothing’ and can be rolled back, Consistency – transactions begin/end with the database in a consistent state, Isolation – transactions must not overlap, Durability – transactions are preserved (through logs)


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